Lenormand Course

Content of the Lenormand course

Part 1:

Basic Tools – General Introduction, Introduction of Mlle. Lenormand, Requirements for your personal environment and centering yourself. Assistance for learning about your own intuition—as well as, shuffling, drawing, laying out and neutralizing the cards—is available. Boundaries and the forbidden?! A list of cards representing people, various subject and object cards, mixed cards—i.e. cards with a both positive and negative meaning. Deviation and particularities when laying out larger card patterns using 9 x 4 and 8 x 4 + 4. Learning to interpret card combinations—explained in a simple way. Confusing cards that represent people – what should one look out for, in order to avoid mistakes?

Part 2:

Individual and detalied meanings of the cards from 1 – 36 and with key words, general description of love, career, charasteristics, medical use, timing guide, astrological equivalents.

Part 3:

For beginners – Daily cards (general, love, career), the 3-Day Card Formation, the 9-Card Formation. How does one use timing cards, how does one predict timing? Presentation of characterization using the classic Lenormand predictions and astrological energies, including energies that work externally and those to which one is exposed.

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Part 4:

nterpreting a large card layout – step-by-step explanation. The meaning of the corner and entry cards. Interpreting a large card layout using traditional methods.

Part 5:

The 10 secrets of the great Mlle. Lenormand, written out and explained with graphic illustrations:
1… Interpreting position (Interpretation of the Houses)
2… Interpreting projection (Reflection)
3… Corresponding cards
4… Knighting (Interpretation of the Knight)
5… Counting
6… The Fours
7… Diagonals
8… Picking up the cards? Completing the series in your head
9… Covering cards
10… The system of dealing the cards for a large card formation

Part 6 and 7:

More examples of ways to lay out the cards, with their results explained from A-Z

Lenormand combination (1260)


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